Leap is a boutique insights and innovation consultancy with expertise and techniques all along the new project funnel.

Front End
Idea/Product Development

Our clients rely on us for custom-designed programs that deliver deep and enduring insights and/or fresh and purposeful new products.

Your challenge might be:


Shape opportunities; connect them to your categories and products; create a market


Expand into new consumer segments; introduce new benefits; create a stronger connection


Protect category leadership; enter new-to-company/new-to-brand spaces; maximize new technologies and capabilities


Build and balance your pipeline; drive growth through non-product innovation; inform message platforms; extend product profiles


Whether we’re conducting a multi-stage innovation journey, a team Ideation event or a series of Co-Creation sessions with consumers, we believe the strategic grounding is as important as the creative exploration.

We’re known to deliver purposeful ideas ...

  • With built-in consumer rationale

  • That are tied strongly to business goals

  • That meet requirements for manufacturing/technical feasibility

... by applying some or all of the following phases



We’re known for our custom research designs and nontraditional, qualitative, creative techniques and methods.

Our tools and our style engage and empower our consumer at a deeper level, revealing more relevant and authentic learning. We’re known for our instinct and intuition — our ability to synthesize findings, identifying those that are most revelational, moving and important.